Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Thank G-d for Lord Lawson!

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Lord Lawson on “Newsnight” (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/default.stm) dare to question the premise of global warming / climate change advanced by the Environmental / Green Lobby. I have never needed any convincing on this as I have always been unashamedly incredulous of this whole environmental scaremongering.

For far too long we have collectively allowed that “cosy liberal consensus” to monopolize this debate with innuendo and supposition, substituting where empirical evidence should be offered. Lord Lawson was right to expose the holes as he did last night on the environment lobbies most egregious claims, and boy are they are plenty!

Make no mistake about it; the green lobby is nothing more than socialism repackaged. They are quite adept at “throwing mud” on any of us if we dare question their premise. Well I for one believe it’s time we were able to have a grown up and frank debate on this topic. We can not afford to leave an issue as important as this in the hands of the liberal elite.

Ahhh! But we have science on our side, I can hear them all shout. The fact is, they have never had science on their side. “Voodoo” science does not count. This trick of limited data points extrapolated with contempt, is about as empirical as taking a humpback whale out of the sea; placing it in a fish tank and then concluding, that what is observed in such a limited scope is what we can conclude happens in nature.

Just to be clear here, my understanding of empirical is: provable or verifiable by experiment. For all the talk about the earth being “two minuets to midnight”, we have seen nothing but extrapolation and computational modelling. Great tools they are, but I have to tell you as a former financial engineer, computational modelling as well as interpolation / extrapolation are only part of the necessary tools meant to argument the scientific toolbox, not replace it. In other words, context is always necessary, and results are NOT prophecy scribed in stone.

And on that topic of the “science” of the environmental debate, to my knowledge based on the information I have read the earth is not warming, its’ actually cooling. Taking 2002 as my reference point the earth’s temperature has pretty much reached a juncture of little or no growth, ergo the argument advanced by the environmental lobby that CO2 emissions is driving temperature flies in the face of facts. The fact is, CO2 is increasing yet temperatures are plateauing, and no, you don’t have to take my word for it, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has acknowledge this very observation!

There seems to be a whole industry created solely for the purpose of inculcating us the consumer, that we should carry the baggage of global guilt as a consequence of humankind’s progress. This is a recipe for disaster, and would affect the majority world countries worst, the very same people the green lobby, cries is their Raison d'être.

Repetitive yes, but in closing I must state as a matter of fact the following – In light of decades spent churning out computer models, there remains no empirical evidence that anthropogenic CO2 production is causing global warming. The caveat here is, if you except that the earth is warming in the first place. If you do go on to except that premise that yes in fact the earth is warming, calculating the contributions from a thawing earth as a result of the last ice age, itself the consequence of changes in solar heat following changes in the earth's elliptic orbit and in its tilt, can never be answered with certainty.

This nonsense of the “precautionary principal” if followed to it “illogical” but logical ends has no boundaries. After all the next time you get in the bathtub, walk down the stairs, leave your home, you risk death. Yet if we adhere to the environmental lobby’s premise, we should as a matter of caution cease these activities – crazy? My point and sentiments in a nutshell!

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